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Strong community partnerships play an important role in Houston TranStar’s goals for preventing deaths of stranded motorists and pedestrians on freeways within its Southeast Texas service area.

The involvement of government agencies, law enforcement, the medical community, towing industry, insurance agents and most importantly members of the community will help raise awareness for the dangers of relying on a thin stripe of white paint to keep motorists safe.

Partners Involved

The partners involved in It’s Only a White Line have a commitment to spreading awareness of this important issue as well as educating the public on motorist safety measures.

To learn how you and your team can participate, contact Houston TranStar’s Public Information Office.

Law Enforcement:

Officers in the field are in a unique position to impact the success of It’s Only a White Line through enforcement of Texas’ Steer It Clear It and Move Over or Slow Down laws.

Whether patrolling our freeways or collecting valuable secondary crash data, law enforcement plays a critical role in It’s Only a White Line.

Watch this message from our law enforcement partners.

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Medical Community:

Paramedics, emergency department staff and hospital specialists each represent valuable opportunities for capturing data. For prevention methods to work, it’s important to understand the outcomes of motorists standing outside their vehicles on the freeway. 

Watch this message from our medical community partners.

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Quick Clearance:

 Tow operators providing quick clearance of vehicles off freeways play a critical role in saving lives. Other members of the road safety community, including insurance councils and independent auto insurance agents, offer reliable information for correcting common misconceptions. 

Watch this message from our quick clearance partners.

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