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Travel Smart By Downloading the

Free Houston
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Stay Safe
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Know what to do if you break down

Taking regular care of your vehicle can help prevent breakdowns. This includes changing oil, checking tire pressure, and making sure there’s plenty of fuel in your gas tank.

Do not get out of your vehicle if you break down. Stay buckled inside, turn on hazard lights, and push your seat back away from the steering wheel.

If your vehicle can still be driven, Texas law requires it be moved off the freeway by taking the nearest exit to wait for help at a safe location.

The no-cost Tow and Go™ program safely and quickly removes vehicles that have broken down on area freeways. Download the Houston TranStar app for click-through access or call 713-881-3333

Correcting Common


Pulling over to the emergency lane or shoulder of a freeway does not guarantee safety. There’s only a thin white line of paint that separates you from fast-moving traffic. Whenever you stop or get out of a vehicle on the freeway, you’re putting yourself and others at risk for serious injury or even death.

If you see a fellow motorist stopped on the freeway, take the nearest exit and call Tow and Go™ at 713-881-3333 for help. Do not pull over to assist.

Auto insurance agencies are first and foremost concerned with your safety. After a crash, it’s important for everyone involved to move off the freeway to share insurance information, take pictures, and wait for law enforcement.

Accepting free clearance off the freeway from Tow and Go™ will not risk the towing service covered by your insurer. Instead of meeting you on the freeway, just give them the safe location you’ve been moved to for service.


Obeying state laws will help keep you and others safe. Improving awareness and enforcement of the Texas Steer It Clear It and Move Over or Slow Down laws are important goals of It’s Only a White Line.

Steer It, Clear It

When a vehicle is drivable after a crash, and no one is injured, state law requires it be moved off the freeway. The goal is to prevent a secondary incident, keep traffic moving, and protect everyone on the road. Watch the video to learn more.

  • If a crash or breakdown occurs, each vehicle that can be safely driven must be moved to a safe location off the freeway.
  • Once moved to a safe location, check for damages, wait for police, and exchange insurance information.
  • Failure to move a vehicle off the freeway may result in a fine up to $200.
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Move Over or Slow Down

Enacted to protect responders, such as law enforcement, tow operators, and utility service workers, It’s Only a White Line encourages motorists to follow these rules for all stopped vehicles. Watch the video to learn more. 
  • Move over one lane to add distance between the stopped vehicle(s) on the freeway. 
  • If unable to move over, slow down 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit.  
  • Motorists who fail to give emergency and work crews space to safely do their jobs may be fined up to $1,250, and if failing to move over results in a crash that injures workers, the fine may increase to $4,000.
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